Gina K. Designs May Blog Hop Day 2


I can’t believe the day finally came! Today I am able to share with you all what I have been working on. I am so excited to be a part of Gina K’s Illustration Team!
Big News!! Gina K. is giving away $25 gift certificates to the Gina K. Designs store. You must comment on all the blogs to be entered! Good luck!


For this card, I am featuring my new “Sending A Llama Love” Stamp Set and the Mirror Stamping and Die Cutting Technique.

I learned this technique from Jennifer McGuire. Here is a link to watch the tutorial. I won’t even try to explain it myself; she will do a much better job LOL.
I stamped both of my llamas on Canson Watercolor Paper in Gina’s new Amalgam Ink. This has become my absolute favorite Ink. It is compatible with watercolors, alcohol markers, and colored pencils with gamsol. It is literally one ink that does it all!
I die cut both of the llamas (see Jennifer’s video on how I die cut the mirror image), and then watercolored them with my Prima Marketing Watercolor Pan Sets. I wanted them to look somewhat fluffy, so I dabbed my brush on the paper multiple times in various colors to get the fluffy, textured look.
I stuck both llamas on Kraft cardstock using some foam squares to give the card dimension. I then die cut a small heart from a set of Lawn Fawn dies and adhered it in between the llamas. It makes them look like they’re kissing! 😍 I stamped some of the jewelry and accessories that I drew in my set, and dressed up the cute little llamas.
I took a ruler and drew some lines in a black Micron pen to add more detail to the card. I added a cutesy greeting and the card was done!


For this next card, I used my “Stuck On You” Stamp Set. I stamped my images in Amalgam Ink on Canson watercolor paper, and colored them with Prima Marketing Watercolors. The pink really makes the green pop! 😍


Go take a look at the other beautiful projects done by other members of the Gina K. team! Don’t forget to comment on each blog so you are in the running to win the $25 gift certificate for the Gina’s online store.

Thank you all so much for stopping by! So excited to keep creating things for y’all!



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The Journey Begins!

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah and I am a self taught artist born and raised in the Midwest. I live in a small country town in Wisconsin where the smell of sweet peas and cows make you feel at home.

I graduated high school when I was 16 years old. While I was still in school, I got a job doing costumer service at Gina K Designs, and working at her beautiful retail store, Village Paper and Ink. I also design and illustrate for Gina, which is yet another creative outlet for me. My first stamp sets are coming out on May 10th, so stay tuned! I go to college online at Piedmont International University where I am studying American Sign Language Interpreting.

I have been drawing all my life. I doodle anywhere I can get my hands on a piece of paper and a pencil. I work with many different mediums, but my favorites have to be graphite and watercolor. Graphite pencils are limited by their lack of color, but I find that limitation challenging. It forces the artist to go deep and create with intensity and imagination. Watercolor has life of its own. When you apply paint to watercolor paper, it moves. You add more paint or more water, and again the watercolor responds with a swirl. Painting with watercolor is a dance; it’s a relationship between the paint and the artist.

I am also an avid writer. I have completed two books throughout the years, and I am working on another one. My favorite definition of a writer is: “an artist of the written word”. You can be an artist in many forms, not just with a paintbrush and canvas. In my opinion, an artist is anyone who is able, through virtue of imagination, to create something beautiful with their work. Art is freedom and expression, in every aspect of life.

I do a bulk of my drawings on my iPad Pro using my Apple Pencil. It is extremely handy to whip out on the go, and not have to bring a whole case full of pencils and paper. My background in digital art is literally negative zero. I am a big ambassador for using non-technological items whenever you can, but I saw numerous artists using it and it inspired me. Their art was so beautiful and it didn’t even look digital! So I ended up breaking down and purchasing an iPad Pro. Here are just a few of the drawings I have done on my iPad.


I am not a professional by any mean, I just want to share in my artistic journey with you. My grammar is not perfect (I have an addiction to commas and adding them after everything, no matter, if, it, makes, sense, or, not,) but perhaps you could learn something from my crazy, scattered mind.

Please follow my Instagram page @hanlynart. Thanks for following along! Love y’all!