Gina K. Designs February Blog Hop Day One and a Giveaway!

Hi y’all! I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted (actually like a couple million minutes 😬), but I’m back and will be posting much more often! (Yes, I know I say that on a very frequent basis, but I’m sure I will this time… probably…) 😁

This January I had the pleasure of traveling to Phoenix, Arizona with my sister Emily for the 2019 Creativation show.

I’m tellin’ all y’all Arizona natives right now… you have two types of weather. Hot and a little less hot. Y’all know what winter means it Arizona?! NOTHING!! It’s still like 90 degrees out there. I woke up this morning to a winter storm snow and ice warning here in Wisco. The weatherman’s forecast was “Holy crap you can’t feel your face degrees outside today.”

But enough about that… let’s get into the fun stuff 😏

This past Gina K. Release was HUGE!!! And I’ve gotta say, guys, you need EVERYTHING. Today I’m going to be sharing a couple projects I made with two new stamp sets, Crafty Notes and Cake Toppers.

Tomorrow’s Blog Hop will be featuring my newest sets I designed for Gina, so make sure to come back tomorrow same time, same place! I can see my blog views, so I’ll know who doesn’t show up 😑

I made this card with the new Crafty Notes set. The perfect card to send to your special artsy someone to brighten up their day ❤️

Y’all know me… I couldn’t resist adding some sort of watercolor galaxy background to this blog post. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just love the pop of color against the monochromatic images.

Disclaimer- Don’t zoom in too closely at this card. I used paper towels to clean them because I misplaced my Tidy Towel (I have about 10 of them by the way and couldn’t find a one 🙄) and the little fuzzies from the toweling stuck to the stamps. Crafty Hack… DON’T DO THAT… BUY A TIDY TOWEL… IF YOU HAVE 10 ALREADY BUY ANOTHER 10… THIS POST ISN’T SPONSORED…….

For this next card, I used Emily’s Cake Toppers and Gina’s You Make Me Happy Stamp Set. I also used the new Barely There Amalgam Ink to paint the flowers. It looks like you could literally take a bite of that cake. If I didn’t hate cake I probably would 😁 Please don’t hate me for not liking cake. It is something that most of the population does not understand about me and I swear some have questioned my sanity over it.

Don’t forget to comment below to be in the running for a $50 Gift Certificate for Gina K Designs!

Shameless plug… keep up with me and my art on my Instagram @hanlynart!

So excited to share more projects tomorrow! Have a great day everybody! ❤️🤟🏽



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85 thoughts on “Gina K. Designs February Blog Hop Day One and a Giveaway!

  1. LOL! The weatherman’s forecast was “Holy crap you can’t feel your face degrees outside today.” I live in Illinois. Wisconsin has definitely been hit harder than us this year but I can so relate to the sentiment. Loved you on Facebook Live last night. Looking forward to projects with your new sets. Today’s projects are beautiful.


  2. Well for us AZ peeps, we’re kinda freezin’ our butts off this week… it’s only going to be a high of 49°tomorrow & rain..yikes! Lol I love both of your cards & how different they both are.


  3. Love the realistic cake! Good idea to add that dimensional effect to the crafty images with that corner of Galaxy.
    We are actually getting winter here in Arizona this year. Loving the cold just enough to see the mountain tops dusted with snow and finding it so cozy to craft indoors.


  4. Wisconsin weather has been rough but these stamp sets brighten all of our lives. I love your galaxy background with your stamped images. Your cake is wonderful, reminds me of an angel food cake that my Mom would bake. Thank you for the wonderful memories you brought to mind.

    thanks for sharing

    Barb Housner


  5. Hanna, I love this set. It is very versatile and your boyfriend is very good looking. Soo glad that he was able to find a job and that you can be close now.


  6. This is the coldest winter Phoenix has had in a while. You may think it was hot, but it definitely wasn’t. Some of us would much rather have heat, than cold.
    I do love your galaxy section on the first card and your cake with the flowers is nice.


  7. Your cards are stunning Hannah! Great job on your new release! So happy your
    boyfriend is closer to you now, I know you are too 😉


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