Gina K Designs Last Day of February Release + Giveaway!

Good morning everyone!

The design team is back again with a bunch of beautiful projects to share today. And when I say I bunch, I mean everyone else made a bunch. I made two. I don’t blame myself, however. You may ask yourself why I don’t blame myself, seeing as I am in fact in charge of what my hands are able to accomplish, which I do not have an answer to. Other than the fact that my Mega Wreath Builder painting took longer than the Mississippi River to finish.

Life has been crazy I’m not going to lie. But I’ll be sharing more stuff soon so stay tuned.

Look at this, y’all 😳 This is the Mega Wreath Builder. I had some MEGA fun with this bad boy (see what I did there 😏 #dadjoke.)

Of course I had to watercolor something for today’s post. It just wouldn’t be characteristic of me if I didn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️ This took me an innumerable amount of time by the way.

Watercoloring, in my mind, is relaxing until about the last flower. Because you never know what could happen. Your painting looks perfect and it’s so close to being done. But, while your finishing up that last petal, you could be snacking on some chips and guac and accidentally miss your mouth and get green guacamole all over your nearly finished painting. (Trust me, guys, it’s been known to happen…) But thankfully, there were no snack related casualties regarding this piece.

I made this next card using my new Wonderful World stamp set, and Gina’s Watercolor Flowers.

I did some ink blendyness on the flowers too. I don’t think “blendyness” is the correct technical term… but I like to make my own rules… 😎

That’s some good old-fashioned blendyness right there 😁

“You make my heart smile”… I love this quote. There are people in the world who can put a smile on your face, but that smile will eventually go away. It’s those that leave smiles in your heart… they are the people who light up your world, and are the ones you can’t live without. Hold on tight and don’t let them go ❤️

Well that’s enough sappyness for today. Thank you all for joining me this morning. I have many more projects in the works to share, as well as being busy working on new designs for my next stamp set! If you have any ideas or stamps you’d like to see done, comment some suggestions below! Also comment below to be in the running for a $50 Gift Card to Gina’s online store. May the odds be ever in your favor 🙏🏽



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127 thoughts on “Gina K Designs Last Day of February Release + Giveaway!

  1. Oh my Gosh !! You are one creative, crafty person. I love your watering coloring on the fabulous blossoms. This release is my favorite. Would love to own it all 🙂 TFS

  2. I love watercolors too, very relaxing. I don’t normally snack when I’m crafting, it sucks to mess everything up and especially when you’re almost done. Your projects are gorgeous, love the wreath builder too.

  3. I LOVE your mega wreath project Hannah! It is so gorgeous!! I love your card too with the flowers around the globe stand, very clever.

  4. Those watercolored flowers are gorgeous and I really enjoyed reading your blog. You have a refreshing sense of humor.

  5. I love all the wonderful cards you made with these new products and I also love the sappiness in your post too. Keep it up!

  6. Such beautiful cards. The first one is just amazing. Love the flowers and the sentiment.
    Thanks so much for sharing…

  7. Hannah, your beautiful cards (and comments) made me smile. Your water colored florals were stunning. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  8. Hello Hannah!
    When you work so hard on projects, you don’t need to make so many. At least, that is what i keep telling myself! 🙂
    Your stamp sets are so incredibly beautiful! The globe with the flowers blew me away! Where on earth (see what I did there?) did you come up with such a brilliant idea???

    Shala Carter

  9. Gorgeous Watercoloring! You are a very talented young lady hannah!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Very beautiful projects. Your watercoloring is amazing! I ca’t wait to get my mega. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. I love what everyone is doing with the mega wreath builder, but that globe/world set is #1 on my wish list! I did not know you designed it….wow, I am impressed! Great work!

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