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The Picket Fence Life Changing Brushes have officially changed my life, y’all.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve rubbed those smooth little bristles on my face. They are soooo soft. And the seamless blend they create is so magical 😍 To clean them, I just use a mild Johnson’s baby soap with water, and then I leave them out to dry.

I love this smooth, rainbowy blend.

The Distress Oxide colors I used are:

• Abandoned Coral

• Ripe Persimmon

• Squeezed Lemonade

• Lucky Clover

• Mermaid Lagoon

• Wilted Violet

The colors I used for this blend are: Tattered Rose, Abandoned Coral, and Seedless Preserves.


The Cut-Align from My Sweet Petunia is another amazing tool recently created.

I use sentiment strips super often, so this tool is perfect if you do too!

And of course, we all know that the Misti is literally the greatest thing ever invented after popcorn.

Alcohol Inks are something I just recently discovered and I can’t get enough of them! I also attempted using Metallic Mixatives. Disclaimer: don’t use Metallic Mixatives if you have slippery fingers. Because I dropped the bottle on my black leggings and it spilled all over my left thigh. After three washes and vigorous scrubbing, those leggings will never be the same again.

I used Gina K Ink Pads (Ocean Mist and Christmas Pine) for this blend, and her cute mini Hugs stamp set.

I used Gina K’s Floral Stencil to watercolor this pretty card 💕

So that’s all the inspiration for today lovelies! Comment below to be in the running to win a $50 Gift Card.

Until next week! I have a new stamp set being released and I’m SUPER excited to share it and all my projects with you 😍



(Go back to Gina’s Blog for more gorgeous inspiration!! 😍)

90 thoughts on “Trifecta Blog Hop! Comment to Win $50 Giveaway!

  1. First of all: the brushes are TERRIFIC. Every crafter needs them. Having a gifted artist using them is a win win situation, and using those products makes you a real winner.

    1. I am so glad I made it to the end of this blog…If I hadn’t, I would have missed your wonderful work. I rate your work the best in the whole blog. Beautiful!

  2. Your cards are stunning but the post content is what really made my day! You are so funny and down to earth! I LOVE your style! and I too love popcorn! LOL

  3. Fabulous cards, Hannah! I really love the ones with the bright & cheery rainbow color combos!

  4. Wonderful inspiration, your cards are so beautiful! I think I like the lovely watercolor best…today! 😀

  5. Everything is beautiful. What wonderful products you have to work with. Loved the blog and all of the cards. Great job

  6. It took me a bit to find the place to leave a comment! I hear you about the alcohol inks. Wear old clothes, definitely!!! And lots of ventilation! All lovely cards! Beautifully done!

  7. Hannah your cards are gorgeous! And, you have demonstrated how handy all of these products and tools can be used to create beautiful cards. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Well sweetie…you may be last on this fabulous list of are certainly not least….I love your cards….just stunning. So many pretty things that you have should be so proud. I am just loving seeing all of this great so many creative artists. So much fun.
    I love all three of these companies…very much…I wish them all great success going forward…and send them a huge thank you for supporting this fun Blog Hop…
    I feel like I have won the Trifecta….where’s my money….LOL

  9. Lovely cards! I really like the vibrancy and depth of your color blending. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Such a beautiful cards.. you have created a wonderful background in all of your cards.. loved your blogpist..MISTI is the greatest thing invented after popcorn.. lol.. I can see how much this tool is helpful.. I don’t have MISTI and this is the time to own them.. Have a great day!

  11. You blend inks so beautifully. I love the rainbow effect on the first two. You saved the best for last. The stenciled flowers are gorgeous.

  12. Oh my goodness, I now know that I don’t just want all of these wonderful tools and products, but that I NEED them ALL! Thank you so much for sharing your talents and creative genius. I am amazed at your cards. You have inspired me to push out of my comfort zone and try some new things. Thank you!

  13. Your cards are stunning! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
    Congratulations on getting married!

  14. I’m so glad that I finished this entire blog and got to see your work too. When I first saw the list I was a little intimidated. Love your cards and especially the watercolored one Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. Your blog posts always bring a smile to my face. Wonderful ink blending (thanks for listing out the inks you used). Your watercolor card is amazing. I think the cut align needs to go on my wishlist.

  16. Love reading your blog, too fun. Those brushes are incredible, aren’t they? You have such great ideas, thank you for sharing your talents…and…CONGRATS!!

  17. I think they saved the best for last. I love every single ones of your cards!! They definitely are making me want to continue reading your blog. Wow wow wow.

  18. Han,
    Your card display is exquisite, especially your wonderful work on the stenciled rose truly outstanding. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  19. The Gina K ‘Floral Stencil’ card is really nice. Love the colors and design…very pretty!

  20. WOWZERS Hannah, these are all gorgeous! They are all so beautiful and ALL so different. Love the many options you shared. Very well done.

  21. Terrific cards, your backgrounds are fabulous! And thanks for the warning about the Metallic Mixatives!

  22. Love, love, love your backgrounds on every card. Beautiful color combinations. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Loved all of your cards, Hannah. I had fun scrolling through your site, you made me smile. And CONGRATULATIONS!

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