Gina K June Release Day TWO! And You Guessed it, There’s a Giveaway 😏

Yay!!! Today is Whimsical Wildflower Frame day! I can’t wait to show y’all everything I have been working on.

This stamp set was so much fun to create. There are so many versatile greetings in it too! There is one for your friend or significant other, weddings or anniversary’s, birthdays, encouragement, and thinking of you too!

This frame is soooo much fun to color.

I used my Prismacolor Pencils to color in the frame on this card. This probably took me around 3 hours to finish, but I think it was worth the massive hand cramp I experienced afterwards.

I love that you can even just stamp it on the front of an A2 size card front and your card is finished!

I stamped the frame around the border of a Kraft piece of Cardstock for this card. You don’t even need to color it. The line art looks beautiful on its own 😍

I did an emboss resist technique with Peach Bellini Ink on this one. It looks so elegant, and perfect for a wedding card. Just switch up the ink color to match the bride and groom’s wedding colors!

(Side note… my wedding day is officially 58 DAYS AWAY… and I’m officially freaking out 😍 When I cry at my wedding, it will because I’m overjoyed that the planning is finally over 😂)

I also have some projects to share with the new Ocean Minded Mini Kit. I love the ocean. Well, not that I’ve ever been to an actual ocean. I live in Wisconsin. Which means we have Lake Michigan. Which means we have basically a massive drainage pond where people toss garbage and crap (literally) into its very non-clear, murky waters. But in Wisconsin we do have some gorgeous lakes and landmarks outside of the Milwaukee area. I’m a country girl, so any kind of lake and mud with a truck or four-wheeler is up my alley 👍🏽🤠

And yes. I found out yesterday that I stamped the water backwards. But I am ok with it because it is art and if art was perfect it wouldn’t be art. (That is just a lame, poetic excuse lol. I just didn’t pay attention during the tutorial apparently haha.)

And of course I had to use the Lifechanging Brushes for this inky blend yet again because they are indeed the most amazing things that will literally change your crafty little life.

(The GKD Ink Pad colors are Wild Dandelion and Tangerine Twist)

I love this cute little beach scene 😍 I must admit though, this is probably the fourth edition I made of this same exact card. Every other card the blend wasn’t right, or the ink smeared, or I was just being an obsessively compulsive crafty maniac. I decided to stop at four and accept this card as the winner to not feed my fanatical perfectionism any further.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the Hop today! Thanks for following along, and for your wonderful comments and faithful support.

My wedding bills thank you for purchasing “Whimsical Wildflower Frame”.

Love you all!!!



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Up next on the Hop, the lovely Arjita!

84 thoughts on “Gina K June Release Day TWO! And You Guessed it, There’s a Giveaway 😏

  1. Your cards are absolutely gorgeous! Love the sentiments and your coloring is amazing!

  2. The colors and coloring is just amazing and beautiful! You have so much talent! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Between you and Arjita, I am stunned at the wildflower coloring! They are some of the most beautiful cards I’ve ever seen! And that card/art with the waves (if you hadn’t told me you stamped them backwards, I wouldn’t have known)…I need that hanging in my office/craft room to remind me of one of my favorite places on earth!

  4. Beautiful coloring on the flowers, like the white highlights. The wave card is lovely! Beach scene is my fav!

  5. Wow Han 🙂 I took the time to check out your about while I was here! We have some common points…both of us are midwest girls (you upper and me lower-KS transplant to OK), and our philosophy about art is very similar! I think we have miles apart us on age…me traveling much farther down that path. Blessings on your upcoming marriage 🙂 Your cards are drop dead gorgeous!!! There was not a single solitary one that I did not love for multiple reasons: kraft and color pop, texture on the beach card, color choice on the sun ray background, the white heat embossing is soooooo elegant!!!! Thanks for all the inspiration 🙂

  6. Great summer coloring. I liked the way you used the wave stamp. I’m ready to walk in the surf.

  7. Your Whimsical Wildflower Frame is so pretty! I love the way you colored it, but it also looks great stamped on the Kraft cardstock or with the emboss resist technique. The ‘seas the day’ card is gorgeous! I think it looks great the way you stamped the water.

  8. Wow! You created so many gorgeous cards! I really like the coloring on the first one! Though you used the same stamp in different ways, you made it look like you used many more stamps. Thanks for all of the inspiration and congrats on your upcoming nuptials!

  9. What a stunning cards Hannah, I love your awesome stamp set. It is so versatile.
    I love all your cards but I have a favorite and that is the awesome one with your own stamp set and the emboss resist technique, such a beauty.
    Thank you so much for your stunning inspiration 😍❤️and I hope your wedding bills are very happy😁

  10. Your cards are gorgeous! Your Whimsical Wildflower Frame stamp set is beautiful and I love how you colored the images with colored pencils on your first card. 🙂

  11. Again, your colouring is outstanding! I love your ocean scene, even if you did stamp it upside down lol! I am going to try that when I get mine:)

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