I Made Something New!!! Day 2 of Gina K Giveaway

Good morning everyone! Long time no see 😘

Thank you all for the amazingly sweet feedback I got yesterday on my card. You make a girl blush with your lovely comments πŸ₯°

Today I have cards featuring THREE amazing new sets from Gina K Designs.

My first card is featuring my sister’s new stamp set called “Be the Rainbow”. It just envelops her personality perfectly 🀩

She’s my favorite sister. Granted, she is my only sister but still πŸ˜„

I did some clean and simple watercoloring with this card and I just love how it turned out. The colors are so muted and non-traditional. I am a very non-traditional type girl πŸ€ͺ

My next card features my sister’s set as well, and also my new set called “Massive Peony”. And trust me, this stamp is MASSIVE! It is just so fun to play with and color, no matter what medium suits your fancy.

I used my sisters type written “I love you” script for the greeting.

I did some no-line watercoloring to color in the massive floral bouquet, then cut it out with my scissors. Yes, I am well aware my set comes with a full die to cut out this flower, but I didn’t really remember that halfway into cutting it out. Oh well. It taught me some patience which is always a good thing for me πŸ˜‚

I then took some muted yellow paint and watercolored a washy background, then splattered some brown watercolor paint for some added color.

Here’s a close up πŸ₯³

And then, for my next sample using my new stamp set, I decided to practice my colored pencil skills… YES I KNOW I DIDN’T WATERCOLOR THIS CARD ARE YOU SHOCKED?!! Haha.

I just love that greeting. No matter what happens, you can always turn a bad day into a good one with your point of view. Life is as perfect as you make it 🀍

Heehee I’m really into these closeups πŸ₯΄

And then, for my last card, I will be featuring Lisa Hetrick’s new stamp set called “You Anchor Me”.

Yes yes I’m back to watercolor. I couldn’t be away for too long πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ÿ

This card was just such fun to put together πŸ₯³

Yeah. You guessed it. Another close up πŸ€­πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Andddd that is it for today! Come back tomorrow for more fun things to share 😍 I love you all!!!!

I really hope you enjoy my new stamp set! If you make anything with it and are willing to share, please tag me on Instagram (my handle is @hanlynart), and I will hopefully get to see it! I love seeing the beautiful things you all come up with using my artwork. It truly makes my day!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ€©

Up next on the hop, the lovely Lisa Hetrick, the illustrator of the “You Anchor Me” stamp set! πŸ’‹



106 thoughts on “I Made Something New!!! Day 2 of Gina K Giveaway

  1. Each card is more beautiful than the one before – no matter which direction you are going!!!!That huge flower is just amazing!!!!

  2. Your cards are absolutely beautiful! You’re a very talented water colorist and color pencil artist. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous creations! Love the watercoloring and the color pencils!
    Thanks so much for sharing…

  4. i love all of They are amazingly beautiful. Oh that I had your talent with the colored pencils and watercoloring!

  5. Your cards are just gorgeous. Love the coloring on your peonies and the sentiment on the rainbow card.

  6. I particularly like the deeper colors on the massive peony -turn your setback…. so much imagination and talent!

  7. I’m just speechless 😊 These cards are perfection!!!
    Would you consider doing a colored pencil video in the
    future?? Hugs! Tina

  8. Oh my gosh, just when I thought I’ve seen it all. So beautiful, such skill and colors. Thank you for being so creative. Carmen

  9. I’m definitely getting your stamp set!!!! It is by far, my FAV!!!!!!!

    Your coloring just awe-inspiring!!!!!!

  10. Oh my! What a beautiful stamp set and the sentiments in both are wonderful. Your pencil skills are very good. Fabulous job on all projects.

  11. Your artistry is just beautiful. I love the water coloring, however, my favorite really is the color pencil card. Brilliant colors that really pop on the Kraft card stock. The sentiments on these sets are very uplifting.

  12. I just love the massive peony you colored with pencils. It is just stunning. I love them all but that one is my favorite. Thank u so much for your inspiration. You and you family have a wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  13. Oh my, four stunning cards! I see the one watercolor brush is a size 12, but what size is the other one? You are a pro with both watercolors and colored pencils.

  14. This card display is simply beautiful! Your peony stamp and die set is a must have. Thanks for sharing, creating and inspiring.

  15. Love the new stamp set, what gorgeous cards too. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the chance to win.

    ~Ginny K.~

  16. Hannah – you have such an amazing talent. Your massive peony is stunning. Love the clean and simple rainbow card too.

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