March is Here and So is my New Stamp Set!!

Happy Tuesday, everyone, the day dedicated to Tacos 🌮

Today I’m SO excited to show samples using my new stamp set that I designed for Gina K Designs called “Kindness Wreath”!

Every single one of these greetings is dedicated to kindness, something the world can never have enough of yet it sometimes is so depleted of it. People are so focused on negativity and hate nowadays, and I hope that by you sending out a card stamped with one of these kind greetings, it will help bring some of that love and acceptance back into the world ❤️

I have a bunch of samples to share, so let’s get started!

Of course, I had to watercolor this floral bouquet frame.

I cut it out by hand AFTER I painted it (which was mighty risky to say the least because my hands aren’t exactly the steadiest of things… especially with a 6 month old Golden Retriever puppy at my feet all day). I then splashed a ton of gold watercolor paint all over the background that I stamped with the Gina K Script Background Stamp in Warm Glow Amalgam Ink. I used Emily’s new stamp set, “Just Because” for the greeting.

I also painted a simpler version of my above card and masked the circle of the frame. I love how it makes it look so different!

For my next card, I used the greenery in my set to make a circular frame with gold accents.

Soooo shinnnnyyyyy 🤤

I also have a couple cards I made using my sister’s set “Just Because”. She’s a hand lettering wizard and her hand writing is so inspiring. I would a save her grocery lists 🥰

I used the Mega Wreath Builder and Memory Misti to make this large floral home decor bouquet wreath that you could hang on your wall. (The pretty flowers are from the “Elegant Asters” Stamp Set.)

The Mega Wreath Builder Templates make it so so easy to create a fantastic floral wreath quickly and simply 🌸

Next I have a card with some pink loose watercolor roses that I painted free hand.

I have a small video tutorial on my Instagram on how I painted these loose roses. Check out the video here 😘

I used Gina K Champagne Embossing Powder and heat embossed the elegant calligraphy greeting on vellum. But I need HELP. How in the world do you stick vellum to a card?! Because vellum is clear and adhesive is NOT. If you have any inclination please hit me up in the comments because I’m clueless . I’m sure it’s a super well known thing that I have no idea exists like that time I was teaching a watercolor painting class and was complaining there is no gray paint on any watercolor palette and one lovely lady taking my class said well why don’t you just mix black and white and that’s how you get gray and I’m pretty sure I’ve never been more excited or shook in all my life. Shoutout to that awesome person who changed my life forever.

Last but most certainly not least, I have one card using Lisa’s beautiful new set called “Woodland Whimsy”.

I love painting pink flowers and I love this cute little hand picked bouquet of wild flowers. I remember when I was a kid going out to the yard and picking my mom a huge handful of wildflowers/weeds (let’s be honest they were mostly weeds), but she would always make like I just brought her a dozen red roses ❤️

To make it not look so completely white and snoozy, I took some mustard colored paint and did a random washy background on the layering piece behind the florals.

And that is everything guys! Wowza what a handful 🤩 Thank you all for sticking around and sharing in the joy of my passion for painting and art. I love you guys bunches!! If you don’t follow me already, please hit me up on Instagram and follow me @hanlynart 😘

Comment below for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card to Gina K Designs online store!! 🤩🥳

Until next time!

xo, Han

Up next on the hop, the gorgeously talented Lisa Hetrick, the illustrator of “Woodland Whimsy” 💋

50 thoughts on “March is Here and So is my New Stamp Set!!

  1. Your cards are amazing! Can’t pick a favorite. Love your water coloring! Mine always ends up looking like a blobby mess! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your new stamp set and can’t wait to get it! Your water coloring is so beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your work!

  3. Wow! You’ve been busy! I love all of your gorgeous cards! Thanks for all the great inspiration!

  4. Your new stamps are beautiful. I especially love how it looks when you mask out the circle. And there are so many wonderful ways to change it. Love the cards.
    As for the vellum problem, I usually cut the vellum long enough to fold over the edges of one or both sides of the top layer on the card and glue the back. If I use the one edge strip I use a very tiny dot or two of glue on the back of the lettering. It keeps it from flopping around.

  5. Gorgeous cards. I don’t have a Memory Misti, but your beautiful water colored decor piece may make me re-think that.

  6. Hannah, I love your new stamp set and your cards are so beautiful. I love the freehand roses card you did too.

  7. I am amazed at your beautiful cards! You are so talented. I love your watercoloring and your gorgeous designs and stamp set.

  8. Hannah,
    Your card display is so elegant! I truly admire your work. Thanks for sharing, creating and inspiring.

  9. Ohh my, your colouring is stunning, all those beautiful cards are a joy to look at.
    The Kindness Wreath is a awesome stamp set.
    Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration and great work.
    Have a wonderful day and a big pet for your Golden Retriever puppy, they are so lovely.

  10. You are so talented! I wish I had your water coloring abilities! You cards are absolutely stunning and I love your stamp set! It is definitely on my wish list!

  11. ok your cards… words! My jaw is on the floor! I think this is my favourite set of yours and your sister’s to date! I’m gonna need to rob a bank with this release lol

  12. They are all fabulous. I am curious to know how long something like the kindness wreath takes you to complete.

  13. Wow! This blog hop is so fun! I love the water color creations with the wonderful sentiments! Thank you!

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