Gina K August Release – 3 Ways to Paint the Same Stamp + a 7 Minute Method to Color a Detailed Design

hanshrepAugust 17, 2020

Good morning! How are y’all doing on this beautiful Monday morning? It’s your girl, Hannah, here with another tutorial on how to paint a detailed design with watercolor. I will be sharing three different cards, each watercolored with a different technique.

These cards are featuring a new stamp set that I designed for Gina K Designs called “Grow Positive Thoughts”. This one is so dear to my heart as I drew it at a time in my life where I was starting to let go of my negative thoughts and allowing beautiful “flowers” to grow in their place 🌿 I am learning every day, and these greetings and this image is a perfect reminder to me that mindset is everything 🤍 I used greetings I have never seen in another stamp set to bring some uniqueness and encouragement to you all and those you love and send cards to.

This is probably my favorite stamp set I have designed so far. The inspiration behind it is so intimate and personal. For many, including me, negative thinking can be a habit which has the potential to becoming an addiction over time. 2020 has been a rough year for everyone, but it has taught me much about myself. It has taught me that positivity is a choice and my mind has the capability of being a beautiful place. Your mind is like a garden. You can either grow flowers, or you can grow weeds.
Someone once said that one tree can make 1,000 matches, but one match can burn down 1,000 trees. The moral of that little illustration is that all it takes is one negative thought to burn out all the positive ones.

Regardless of how anyone thinks of you or what anyone says to you, choose to be happy and love yourself unconditionally. That was something that has taken me years to learn, and I still struggle with that every single day. I battled with an eating disorder for years, as well as being bullied as a teenager and other situations that effected me. But my perspective has changed much since then. I’m not allowing what people say or think of me to change the way that I think of myself, and neither should you. Love yourself the way God created you, and don’t let the negativity of your thoughts control the way you view yourself.

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. Just start to think and focus on all the blessings in life. Count them, hold onto them, and let go of the things growing weeds inside your mind. The more you count your blessings, the more you will have to count 🤍

I’m going to get off my soap box now and start the tutorial for you guys 😁

1. No Line Watercolor

The first technique I used is no-line watercolor, a method I use most commonly in my painting style for greeting cards. The whole point of no-line watercoloring is to make the line vanish, so I recommend using a very light ink like Warm Glow Amalgam Ink to stamp your image with.

I start with the darkest amount of paint at the base of the line, then clean my brush fully with water, and pull out the color away from the line with the clean, wet brush. The color will automatically lighten from darker to lighter, giving a beautiful, realistic effect to your painting.

The brushes I always use are Princeton Neptune Brushes, and Princeton Heritage 4050 Synthetic Sable Brushes. They are extremely affordable and last for years. I’m still using mine from when I first started watercoloring!

I lined the edge with Gold Perfect Pearls to add a little something extra. Gotta be a little bit extra sometimes 💁🏻‍♀️

2. Watercoloring with Embossing

The second technique I used is watercoloring an image that has been heat embossed. I used Gina’s Detail Gold Embossing Powder because just look. at. that. shine… 🤤

This technique is relatively simple. I compare it to going bowling and using the bumpers. The lines of the embossing powder make watercolor painting much, MUCH simpler, so I suggest using this technique if you are first starting out.

I splattered some more Gold Perfect Pearls because again, why not be a little extra?

3. Seven Minute Painting Technique using Heat Embossing

Are you intimidated by watercolor and want an easier method to paint detailed images? I have the PERFECT technique for you that requires absolutely no watercoloring skills – just a little paint, water, and any brush!

This literally took me a little over 7 minutes to make!

Here is a step by step guide on how to achieve this extremely easy watercolor technique:

1. Pick a stamp set! I of course chose my newest set that I designed for Gina K. Designs, “Grow Positive Thoughts”.

2. Choose a watercolor paper that isn’t as textured. I used Canson Watercolor Paper from Blick Art Materials. The embossing looks much more even and flawless on a smoother paper type.

3. Emboss! I used Gina K’s Gold Embossing Powder again because it is SO amazing and drool worthy. I just can’t get over that shine!!!!

4. Use the wet on wet technique (*for detailed instruction on how to achieve different watercolor techniques like wet on wet, see my previous blog post*) and brush an even layer of water on the flower part of the image (make sure there are no areas where there is excessive pooling, and don’t use too much water).

5. Drop in different colors! The paint will automatically blend together because of the water being already down on the paper. I used pink and purples near the flowers, and green where there are leaves.

6. Once that’s dry, use the wet on wet technique to brush water on the face, then drop in the skin tone of your choice.

7. I then went in once the whole piece was dry and added in some darker colors and more detailing to make the painting pop.

8. I had to be a little extra and splatter in some freckles on her face because why not?? Freckles are skin stars and I love mine 🤍

9. Boom!! You’re done. It’s SO simple! It took me literally a few minutes to achieve this effortless watercolored look!

If you try this technique or use my new stamp set, tag me on social media! My Instagram is @hanlynart. Seeing your art with my illustration just makes my day 🥰

You can also easily add blush or makeup, or anything you want to her face. I drew it so it would be very easy for you to color and customize her to be unique to your beautiful face or the person you are giving the card to.

I have one more random card I painted that I want to share ❤️

I free handed a bunch of red and pink hearts, then added a little clear Perfect Pearls to it so there would be a little sparkle. I’m honestly a little bitter with my iPhone for not capturing the sparkle in any of the pictures I got…

Lastly, I wanted to share an inside greeting I created with a bunch of the sayings and sentiments in this set. I love the uniqueness of the greetings in here and the positive messages behind them.

And that’s all she wrote, folks. Thank you so much for reading and for purchasing my new stamp set. I really hope it helps you think more positively about life and about yourself. Be positive, and grow beautiful thoughts today 🤍

And here we have a random picture of my little baby girl, Millie, because she’s 2 months old today and she’s just as cute as can be 😘

I am currently writing this blog post at 4:00 in the morning because when you have a baby you will never sleep normal again!!!!!… or at least it feels like that anyway 🤣 I often dream about the fond memories of sleeping for 8 hours straight… but she’s so worth it 🥰

I hope y’all have an amazing day!! Sending lots of love 🤍 Comment below to be in the running for a Giveaway hosted by Gina K, and follow my blog for more!

Up next is the talented Arjita 🤍

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  • margaritanr

    August 19, 2020 at 11:20 pm

    Beautiful watercoloring! Love your stamp set and your baby girl is beautiful!

  • Ashley Cortez

    August 20, 2020 at 4:50 am

    Great job on the watercoloring, all these cards are so beautiful and it’s a really pretty picture of your baby

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