About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah and I am a self taught artist born and raised in the Midwest. I live in a small country town in Wisconsin where the smell of sweet peas and cows make you feel at home.

My heart belongs to my boyfriend and best friend Jesse. I am so incredibly blessed to have this amazing man by my side. I graduated high school when I was 16 years old. While I was still in school, I got a job doing costumer service at Gina K Designs, and working at her beautiful retail store, Village Paper and Ink. I also design and illustrate for Gina, which is yet another creative outlet for me. I go to college online at Piedmont International University where I am studying American Sign Language Interpreting.

I have been drawing all my life. I doodle anywhere I can get my hands on a piece of paper and a pencil. I work with many different mediums, but my favorites have to be graphite and watercolor. Graphite pencils are limited by their lack of color, but I find that limitation challenging. It forces the artist to go deep and create with intensity and imagination. Watercolor has life of its own. When you apply paint to watercolor paper, it moves. You add more paint or more water, and again the watercolor responds with a swirl. Painting with watercolor is a dance; it’s a relationship between the paint and the artist. I also am a spray paint artist. When I tell people this, they automatically think I roam the streets of Milwaukee at night doing graffiti on train cars.

I am also an avid writer. I have completed two books throughout the years, and I am working on another one. My favorite definition of a writer is: “an artist of the written word”. You can be an artist in many forms, not just with a paintbrush and canvas. In my opinion, an artist is anyone who is able, through virtue of imagination, to create something beautiful with their work. Art is freedom and expression, in every aspect of life.

I am not a professional by any mean, I just want to share in my artistic journey with you. My grammar is not perfect (I have an addiction to commas and adding them after everything, no matter, if, it, makes, sense, or, not,) but perhaps you could learn something from my crazy, scattered mind.

Please follow my Instagram page @hanlynart. Thanks for following along! Love y’all!